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Mens briefs with anal penis

Men´s Briefs with Internal Penis, moulded Latex

Men´s rubber underwear, which will give tremendous pleasure. A massive dildo is built inside the slip for incredible pleasure. Lovers of anal sex and bizarre erotica will enjoy the ecstasy, which is hidden inside these pants.

For best care and to preserve the erotic gleam we recommend Star Shine Spray, so you have most pleasure with you rubber toy.
Pjur Cult Dressing Aid provides easy dressing and undressing of your latex fashion. It helps to make your erotic accessories fitting the best way and to let the wearer slip into his latex cloth easily.

Made by Latexa
0,4mm Latex
In these sizes available: S, M, L, XL
In these colors available: black/red/white/blue-metallic/rosa/transparent/smoky-grey/olive-green


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S // M // L // XL

0,4 mm

Product can be delivered in a Box (A5).



Bizarre Pants


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