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Welcome to the Latexa Dealer Portal.

You are a registered company in the fetish / erotic industry?
Simply register for our online portal and you can access additional content.

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After successful registration, we need further information you can directly enter the reseller area.

With access to our dealer online portal, you have the following advantages:

You will be able to download

  • Up-to-date dealer price list
  • Online order form
  • Current picture database (hi-res)
  • Packaging flyer
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Private Customers

Unfortunately we don’t deliver directly to private customers. Nevertheless, you can still register as a private person with us and get access to more content.

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Gasmask Converter - Piss/Gear - Fetish Pleasure
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Latexa Fetish Pleasure Compilation
Fetish Pleasure-Compilation Katalog

Latexa Fetish Pleasure Blowup - Condoms - Mask - Gags
Fetish Pleasure-Blowup-Condoms-Mask-Gags-Katalog