3336 - Bra with transparent cups 3339 - Bondage suit with mask and gloves
3336 3339
Incredibly exciting latex bra for Ladies with straps and translucent cups. Women show what they have got with this top ? this fetish bra can be combined with other clothing, for example rubber gloves, or perhaps a skirt.  Exclusive rubber suit for men with fitted gloves, bat wings and a completely closable mask without openings, small short zipper at the back and a 3-way zipper in the crotch. The sleeves can be bound to the body to keep the slave calm in his position. The whole body can be covered with latex, so fetish enthusiasts and friends of BDSM can enjoy this catsuit to the maximum. Extravagant clothing for exciting bondage play!

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3337 - Latex Blow-me-pants 3338 - Latex Suck-me-pants
3337 3338
Men slip inside this rubber underwear with penis sheath while their partners wear the connected mask. These pants will also satisfy friends of BDSM with a crush on bizarre blowjobs. The latex mask has a rear zipper to make it easy and comfortable to wear.  

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